Please click on the map link to view the 4 maps supplied for locating our funeral home.

Ruegg Funeral Home
117 Oak St.,
Greenville, MO 63944

Telephone Line: (573) 224-3525

Obituary Line:
(573) 224-5451

Below are photos of our Greenville facility. At Ruegg’s, we take pride in our funeral homes and continue to maintain and update to make our families as comfortable as possible during their time of loss.

Front Lobby Lounge
Coffee & Lounge


Here at Ruegg Funeral Homes we are always searching for ways to better serve our clients. We offer a wide range of economical service types, from traditional funeral services and burials, to cremations and celebrations, all at affordable prices. One way to keep cost down and maintain quality is to pre-plan and pre-fund your funeral services. By doing this you can lock in today’s prices for an event in the future, without worrying about the price of inflation.