June 16, 2011

Dear Family, Friends and Relationships

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  1. Bonnie Radford says:

    Do you have an archive of past obituaries? I am working on my family genealogy for the Waltman family – many who have been at your funeral home and buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Des Arc, Missouri. It is a very valuable tool to offer this service – the two funeral homes in my home town of Potosi, Mo. are listing past obituaries online. Please let me know if you still have these records and/or if you will eventually start posting on your website?
    Thank you,
    Bonnie Waltman Radford

  2. tracyq says:

    Mrs Radford, Thank you for your comments, we are so pleased that you are finding our site helpful. Some of our records are archived, there are alot that are not. We have paper files going back to the 1930’s. If there is a name i can help you with i would be glad to do so. Just call our office and I see what I can do to help you. Tracy

  3. Bonnie Radford says:

    Do you have an obituary for Hiram W Hamilton, dob 6-14-1919 dod 9-12-2003?
    I am researching the Hamilton Family from Iron County.
    Thank you,
    Bonnie Waltman Radford

  4. Anonymous says:

    We need to be able to print an obituaries without printing 4 sheets.
    Thank you in advance for taking care of this problem.

  5. Debi Parrish says:

    Hello, Do you have an email notification of obituaries? If so, please add Thank you.

  6. C. Hicks says:

    Is there anyway I can copy an obituary off your list without
    wasteing Ink or four or five sheets of paper to get the one
    page I want.

  7. C. Hicks says:

    Is there anyway I can copy an obituary off your list without
    wasteing Ink or four or five sheets of paper to get the one
    page I want.

    P.S. Your answer suggested I had ask the same question before.
    It was not me this is my first .

  8. Brenda Minks says:

    I would like to know if you have an obituaries e-mail list

    to let people know of current services at your funeral home?

    I know a lot of funeral homes are providing this service to

    people who prefer reading news online instead of newspaper.

    Thank You

  9. Juanita McGinley says:

    Dear Eric & Family
    Sorry for the loss of your father.
    Our Thoughts & Prayers are with you.
    Juanita McGinley
    Walter McGhee
    Carl & Kathleen Rusert
    RE. Marvin Hackworth

  10. April Gibson says:

    I know you told someone you have records up to the 1930’s but anyway what I was wondering if someone who died back in 1990 and had bookmarks made with their obiturary on them is there anyway possible to order anymore of those even though the person has been gone for several years? Also wanted to get some info in regards to having a plot reserved for myself for whenever I should pass and be buried by family ?

  11. wilma brinkley says:

    i have a 3 books i got from from wayne county missouri historical society Rt , 2 box 275 piedmont,mo 63957 they are cenetery in wayne & reynolds county . they have the names , date of birth & death & cementery goes back 1890 to 1991. there a nother address on here . reynolds county generlogy P..O. Box 281 Ellington, Mo 63138. hope this reply helps

    Wilma Brinkley
    510 Bud Ave.
    Piedmont,mo 63957

  12. brandon greenlee says:

    Do you have a Charles J. “Bud” Greenlee or a Lucille R. Greenlee on file?

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